Qlik Consultancy

Our consulting services range from introducing Qlik products in companies that want to get the best value of their data, through working directly with organizations that are already using Qlik products and want to improve or better govern their Qlik assets.

We provide on-site and remote consultancy services, as per the customer demand and project specifics.

What differentiates us is our profound knowledge of data combined with unparalleled depth of skill in Qlik.

Qlik Outsourcing

Our team of experts can cover the whole project implementation life-cycle – from building the foundations and architecture of the environment, through application requirement gathering, design, development, testing, implementation and support.

Qlik Development Services

We provide development expertise in all aspects of Qlik implementation and the development of advanced applications. Our experienced developers are also building new interfaces and extensions to the Qlik platform to meet particular business needs or to answer key business questions.

Qlik Best Practices

  • New QlikView Implementations
    We will guide you through the process of designing and implementing your new QlikView practices in a sustainable manner.
  • Existing QlikView practices
    We evaluate your use of QlikView from a business perspective, a people perspective and a technical perspective. We assess tangible and intangible QlikView ROI. We review your QlikView applications with your technical team and provide guidance and best practices on aspect such as data and process governance, architecture set up, business strategy.
  • Qlik Self Service
    We will help you to implement the best practices in the QlikView self service arena

Qlik Training

We offer a range of Qlik training services to meet different customer and project needs:

  • End user trainings
  • Power User trainings
  • Self Service Designer and Publisher trainings
  • Other customer or project-specific trainings